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Wellness and empower program

Our wellness and empower program is an innovative and agile solution to engage and support those who have been impacted by an injury and are unlikely to return to work in the short term.

This program’s client-centred approach has been designed to influence and support lifestyle changes to lead to enhanced recovery and resilience. Helping build individual’s accountability and routine, to support the foundations for change, goal identification and self-empowerment.

You can expect

  • A complete holistic wellbeing review – detailed advice on guidance of daily habits, nutrition, sleep and exercise techniques
  • Tailored support with development of short and long term personal and lifestyle goals
  • Self-improvement with guidance in techniques to support increased emotional self-awareness and management of negative thoughts
  • Experienced guidance and support with cognitive behavioural techniques throughout the program
  • Improved lifestyle, habits, routine, purpose and goals
  • Nominated treating doctor case conference at the end of the program to establish clear goals and plan forward (if applicable)

How it works.

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    We identify pre-injury lifestyle activities
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    We engage, empower and build resilience and independence
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    We reintegrate routine and acknowledge significant milestones in activity
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    We reinforce confidence and achievement and extend goal setting
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    We monitor success via engagement with pre-injury lifestyle activities

Sample program example.

  • An initial meeting with the client – review current lifestyle routine and choices, look at concerns, impact and the considerations for improving overall wellness
  • Establish short and long-term goals with milestone markings for accountability. This can include a Return to Work focus for those who have been impacted by an injury
  • A guided activity session per week which can include walks, lifestyle goal setting, establishment of routine, wellness coaching, meditation, awareness techniques, yoga etc
  • Collaboration and updates following each session with all the key stakeholders
  • Nominated treating doctor case conference at the end of the program to establish clear goals and plan forward (if applicable)

Time frame and considerations.

  • Program capped at 6 weeks and completed with one Rehabilitation Consultant to build trust and ensure a high quality consistent approach
  • During the 6 week period, the Consultants will work with the client towards building realistic goals, improve day to day behaviours and overall lifestyle routine with the focus to shift mindset and champion independence


To be determined upon confirmation of dates and level of support(s).

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