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Resilience workshop

Strategically tailored to offer holistic support to team members to enhance resilience, positivity, confidence, problem solving skills and increased personal awareness in day-to-day working life. We understand the complex workplace demands and dynamics alongside the importance of encouraging a positive workplace culture.

Our resilience workshop specifically focuses on encouraging changes with how individuals approach day-to-day difficulties to be able to positively respond and to enhance their abilities to successfully negotiate the challenges presented in their roles without it impacting their wellbeing.


The objectives of this half-day workshop are to provide participants with:

  • An understanding of resilience and its importance to health, performance and relationships
  • Practical skills and strategies for building resilience to stress, challenge and change
  • A range of skills and resourcing to encourage individual and ongoing development of resilience


We seek to engage, educate and empower team members through these topics:

  • Introduction and overview – resilience, mindfulness, empowerment
  • The challenge of change
  • Workplace resilience
  • Communication is everything
  • Recharge and reset – practical skills for building resilience
  • Group discussion – integrating resilience techniques in working and personal life

Workshop delivery.

Our resilience workshop can be coordinated within 4-6 weeks. Dates and locations to be discussed further.



To be determined upon confirmation of dates and location of workshop(s).

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